Obedience courses run all year round with Empingham DTC. We run classes at an outdoor venue for the Spring and Summer months, and during the Autumn and Winter we move to an indoor venue. If you're considering Obedience with your dog, get in touch via our Contact page to find out how to join us.


Hannah started dog training 15 years ago with her 11 month old rescue Labrador, Bruno. Her passion to learn more about dogs led her to study a BSc in Animal Behaviour Science, where she fell in love with all things training and became passionate about helping others develop and nurture lasting relationships with their dogs. Hannah is particularly passionate about preventing problem behaviours occurring through teaching appropriate life skills using up-to-date, reward based techniques and fun activities - both for the dogs and their people!

Hannah is a proud member of the APDT (#01423) and enjoys training her own dogs in scent work, agility and heelwork to music.